Ripon Hotel Launches New Website

The Old Deanery has just launched their new website, designed by the guys at Bronco. A big thanks to David Naylor and Becky Naylor at Bronco for their generosity. Also thanks to Kean Richmond at Bronco for his stunning design.

We have many plans for the website over the coming months including:

  • News of upcoming events and packages
  • Blog posts from the Deanery’s owner, Linda Whitehouse
  • Online booking
  • A customer reviews section, where you can put your own reviews
  • And more!

The new website runs on WordPress, which will allow employees at the Old Deanery to publish their own articles. The design took just under two weeks to design, develop and deliver – an impressive timescale.

The Old Deanery was taken over by Linda Whitehouse herself last year, and since then the business has improved no end. Linda felt it was time to improve the look and feel of the website to match that of the Deanery itself – it was felt that the image communicated via the website didn’t do the Deanery justice. With the new website, Linda plans to give her customers much more information about the town and the huge number of activities available in the area to make their stay more enjoyable, using this site as a central hub for all marketing and advertising.

In the mean time, please feel free to look around the website and check out all the new photographs etc. We will be adding more and more over the next few days.

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