Reasons to come to the Old Deanery

This is an great career, looking after a hotel and restaurant, meeting new guests and old friends every day of the week, entertaining them as though it were my home – which it is really – I hardly see my own! I am always interested in why people have chosen to come here and there are so many: a lovely couple were celebrating the anniversary of their engagement – he proposed at Fountains Abbey and had a meal here to celebrate that night – many years ago now, but how nice to be able to celebrate with them again.

Many of you come to see how the restaurant has changed since Louis was the famous[ maybe that should read, infamous!] owner from 1949 to 1966. He taught a generation of young men from a wide area of Yorkshire how to appreciate wine and fine dining, it seems! The stories people tell about the way he flouted present day food safety rules or threw out guests for infringements of his rules would make a great book.

A growing number are staying here because it is halfway between Scotland and all parts South. I wish I could advertise that somewhere. Anniversaries are a major draw along with special birthdays: if its not that then it may be the first night in months or even years that a couple manages to get away from their children for a night to completely indulge themselves. I have been fascinated to meet a couple who were married here in 1957 and appreciated their photographs very much.

 Some people have stayed with the ambition of seeing all the Cathedrals in England, others to attend a concert in the Cathedral or spend time visiting all the great gardens in the vicinity. Others to watch their horse run at Ripon or one of the other local race courses.

Thanks to you all and long may it last!

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