Meet the Owner, Linda Whitehouse

Linda has lived in Ripon for the last twenty five years of her life – and has become well known in the community. Bored with retirement, Linda Whitehouse decided to take on a new challenge in her life and buy out The Old Deanery in 2008. Previously she was a Sales director for Express Terminals [now Express Group] a business she started with her husband Peter in 1988.

Now Linda lives and breathes the Old Deanery – she is nearly always there to give her guests a warm and personal welcome. She has stepped up to the challenge of running her own restaurant and hotel and has turned the business around, with a profitable first year, despite the credit crunch.

Since taking over the Old Deanery Linda has added her own personal touch to the décor; with framed artwork and vintage posters from her past. Linda prides herself on the customer service she provides and it is very important to her personally that her customers enjoy their visit to the Old Deanery.

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