Anyone for creme brulee?

It was a lovely wedding. The family were enjoying a superb meal in the restaurant and it was time for the dessert. All was well until the fourth table when I led the girls out carrying three plates of creme brulee. I don’t know how it happened but I disappeared under the table with an almighty crash. The next thing I knew I was being told not to move by a sea of concerned faces. I was so not going to get up anyway, I was covered in creme brulee. Meanwhile the head chef first aider had been summoned by a waitress : “An old lady’s collapsed in the restaurant.!” Right! I felt like hanging up my apron but then they clapped and cheered when I dared go back in again(showered and changed I might add) so how can I let my public down?!  Thank you to the bride and groom and their understanding wedding party. You know who you are!!  I am being retrained….

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